Ronald Deng

Financial Consultant

Who Am I


I am a family finance consultant. I specialized in helping families manage their finances and achieve financial goals 

What I Believe In


I believe in helping you secure your financial goals and financial security for your children. Empowering you to financial success through proper customized financial management is the gist and the heartbeat of my work.

My Expertise


I specialize in working with couples who have just started out building their family. I craft and customize financial solutions to meet their financial needs.


Ronald is not just our family insurance advisor but a friend who understands our needs & priorities. He keeps in touch with us consistently, not only to update us on our personal portfolio. He is committed to his work and is very organized. We felt comfortable to work with him.


Maryam, Teacher (mother of 2 children)

Financial Risk Mitigator

Financial Risk Mitigator

Financial Risk Mitigator

Telephone: (65) 9451 6343


He looks into the details!


Edmund Tay, Daddy Blogger (father of 3 children)

He has outstanding work ethic, faithful, great integrity and well time management. Excellent analysis in portfolio that simplifies things that both my husband and I can understand easily. Excellent recommendations that meet our needs and financial objectives.


Veronika Sartika, Accountant (newly-wed)

To secure your financial goal and financial security for your children is the heartbeat of my work. I believe in empowering others to financial success through proper customized financial management

Ronald Deng


Ronald is an advisor with good product knowledge, trustworthy and will always update and inform me of new products that suits me and my family.


Wilson Ho, Programme Manager (father of 1 child)

Ronald took over my financial portfolio and gave me a customized solution to meet my current financial needs. He has good working ethics and will go beyond his work scope to advise on 
non-insurance related issues and experiences. He is more than just a family advisor to me and my family. He is also prompt in handling claims and would adjust his time around my busy work schedule.


Dr Janthorn Pakdeethai (mother of 1 child)