A good consultant is one who 
can offer simplicity & clarity in 
financial planning. I take pride 
that my passion and my mission 
are in unison

Ng Shuhui

Ng Shuhui

Master Financial Consultant​, Member of MDRT

Who Am I


I join CO Wealth Advisory since 2008. From my experience these past years, I firmly believe that proper financial planning keeps families together. I want to make sure my clients and their families are well taken care of regardless of their family setup. I like to equip them with the necessary knowledge to understand their status and financial programs. Their well-being always comes first.

My Expertise


I only tailor and recommend programs that best suit my clients' needs. Some of the common services I provide are: 

Some Questions You Might Have


• What kind of policies do I have?

• Is there any lack in or duplication in terms of my coverage?

• If I have young children, how can I properly pass down my     

   assets to them?

• Is my family well taken care of regardless of my existence?


Getting a financial advisor who truly understands her clients' needs, looks at her customers' well-being above personal sales commission, and provides a personalized and holistic service is definitely not an easy feat. I had one such advisor previously, but unfortunately, he passed on some years back. Subsequently, I was extremely fortunate to be recommended to Shuhui. We hit off well and I was very comfortable with her. She did not come with the typical sales approach and understood my financial situation and personal insurance needs. Before long, I was all ready to sign up for an insurance plan with her. 

Shuhui meets all the criteria of an excellent financial advisor, and I congratulate AIA for having her. I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and attentive advisor. Keep up the great work, Shuhui!


Daniel Peh - Sales Manager

Satisfied Client since 2010

Financial Risk Mitigator

Financial Risk Mitigator

Financial Risk Mitigator

Telephone: (65) 9180 0184

Email: shuhui.ng@aia.com.sg

Shu Hui's strong sense of ethical responsibility, refreshing candour, sincerity, resourcefulness, and quirky sense of humour, has won her countless new clients, many of whom have gone on to become her personal friends over the years. Meticulous, dedicated and extremely passionate about her work, she often goes beyond the call of duty. Her constant desire to better herself in order to stay ahead of her game in this cutthroat industry and her tenacity to do so with integrity is most admirable. 
She has definitely come a long way as a financial consultant with numerous meritorious and prestigious awards to show for it throughout her illustrious career. I wish her all the best and may she continue to strive for excellence.


Merisa Tham 
Stay-at-home-mum and freelance party decorator Satisfied client since 2009

During The First Meeting


 • About 30-45 minutes meet-up

• Analysis of current financial situation and aspiration

• Bring along policies that you wish to find out more (if any)

• Sharing of proven wealth planning method