I believe as I do my utmost to take good care of my clients, opportunities will be opened for me to grow my relationships with them and my practice too.​

Wayne Law

Wayne Law

Wealth Preservation Specialist

Who Am I


I specialise in wealth preservation for families and individuals via a process of prudent and sound financial planning.

My Expertise


I specialise in drafting customised portfolios to help preserve the wealth of my clients while also helping them to grow their assets at the same time.

Some questions you might have?


• How can I get started with a financial portfolio?

• Is my financial house in order and up to date to my

  present financial needs?

• Do I leave aside assets or liabilities when I am no longer

   around to my dependents?

• Do I need to review or write my will?


It is important for a person to have a good understanding of basic financial planning and the different platforms to safeguard one's wealth. It is a great pleasure to have Wayne to share his expertise in financial planning with me.


Farhan, Pilot

Financial Risk Mitigator

Financial Risk Mitigator

Financial Risk Mitigator

Telephone: (65) 8133 6919

Email: waynelaw@aia.com.sg

A stable future starts with smart financial planning. Sincerity, detailed and careful planning is what Wayne can offer!


Ang Yao Zong, Marketing Executive

A very sincere person, who is willing to go out of his way to fulfil commitments, Wayne has changed the way I see insurance agents, definitely.


Tze An, Engineer

Our first meeting will include


• Sharing of what and who matters most to you.

• Personal introduction and services rendered.

• Analysing of current financial situation and aspirations.

• Sharing of a proven wealth planning model.

As an insurance advisor, I think that Wayne is very patient, informative and also a good listener. I can see his sincerity while providing me the advice and information."


May Lew, Sales Associate