My biggest motivation is to see my clients achieve their financial goals and personal aspirations. I provide the right tools to help build their dreams and protect what has been established.​

Jamine Chee​

Jamine Chee Ming Hui

Financial Consultant
Telephone: (65) 9186 1031

Who Am I

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and helping them build a strong financial foundation, which empowers them to achieve their personal aspirations.

What I Believe In

Action without planning leads to futility. Having a sound and progressive financial plan paves the way in the right direction to achieve your financial goals.

My Expertise

An avid listener, I take time to know my clients before customizing a portfolio that best suit them individually, according to their personal aspirations and financial commitments. I take a proactive approach to ensure future concerns are addressed in advance, to ensure my clients and their loved one are taken care of when a storm hits.


Jamine is one who is always happy to meet your needs the way you need it. Succinct and honest is how I like advice to be served and that is what Jamine delivers in a very patient manner, no less. No pushy sales pitch, just true to heart honest recommendations.

Simon Soh,
Park Manager

Jamine is very supportive to share her vision and understanding about insurance, reminding me of important points I missed out. So I took action to start planning for my insurance portfolio,
to protect myself from any major risk. This is important for a foreigner like me.

Mos Mo,
Regional Marketing Manager

Jamine has been extremely patient and helpful in introducing and explaining to me the benefits of various plans. She has also been very attentive in meeting my current financial needs. All in all, she is very friendly and open, and I am glad to have her as my financial advisor!

Jonathan Foo,
Fresh Graduate